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Artistta Homestead Bakery

We craft sourdough breads, cookies and other baked goods from scratch — made by the hands God provided us from our home kitchen to yours. To us, feeding our family organic, wholesome and real food is of the utmost importance, and we want to do the same for you.

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Our breads and baked goods are made with all organic ingredients, unless otherwise noted. We only use ancient grains and either sour them in sourdough baking or use sprouted flour for our non-sourdough items. We believe in feeding our family with the best ingredients and we hold to that for our customers too. We never add fillers, gluten or starches and strive to be GMO free.

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Why Ancient Grain? Why Sourdough?

We focus on organic ancient wheats and grains that have either been naturally fermented through the sourdough process or are sprouted. The ancient grains are filled with more nutrients and antioxidants, while also having a form of gluten that many find easier to digest. Our sourdough breads rise slowly, developing

flavor over time while starches, gluten, phytic acid and sugars are broken down. The breads are hearty and satisfying and beg to be served warmed or toasted with a thick slab of butter. Our sweet treats are prepared with sprouted ancient grains to aid in digestibility and aren’t laden with sugars and questionable ingredients.

We are Artistta Homestead


Head Baker

A life outdoors makes the soul sing and brings a smile to this homesteader's face. Therese has had a love for God’s creation since she was a young child. She grew up in the city, but spent a short stint living on a horse farm her family owned while they lived in Ohio. Living the city-dwellers life in a country setting, a love for nature was instilled and a desire to work with animals grew. An artist by nature she has left behind her canvases to work flour & water into artisan loaves. She now focuses her creativity on making a sustainable homestead and raising her children to understand what it means to have healthy, nutrient-dense food on the kitchen table.


Design, Baker's Assistant

Web Designer by day, homesteader by night, Todd's desire for working the land stems from childhood exploration at his Grandparents' farms – gaining first-hand experience bottle-feeding lambs, harvesting apples and other fruits, and preparing fresh food. Todd also learned the value of getting one's hands dirty by helping with his parents' garden for much of his childhood. His favorite part of the day is dusk into night time as the frogs start to croak and sing to one another: ``The world is at peace, and we give God thanks for a good day filled with honest work surrounded by family.``

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Ancient Grains and Our Bread

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