As is the case with every property, there is a seemingly endless list of to-dos, fixits, upgrades, needs, wants, dreams, honey-do’s and manly pursuits just waiting for a free Saturday (ha! – what’s that?) and an ambitious family member to start knocking them off. Of course this is in addition to the expected work like gardening, animal care + husbandry, the kids activities, etc. For your entertainment, and for our curiosity to see what we actually accomplished this year… we’ll start the list here:

• Build a top-bar beehive

• Install fencing for chicken area

• Install fencing for yard/dog area

• Create small pond for ducks + muscovies

• Paint the chicken run

• Paint and cover the backside of the quonset hut

• Add a (sliding) door to the goat entrance of the quonset hut

• Fix roof on the 3-season porch

• Repair the cracks in the house foundation

• Paint the house trim, fix trim and fascia as needed

• Build new nest boxes for chickens, and for ducks

• Install wood-burning stove

• Fill in koi pond left from previous owner

• Convert koi pump house to root cellar

• Add shelving to basement storage

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  • Susie says:

    Great site! Looking forward to reading more about what you are doing on the land. Wouldn’t mind helping out with a few of those projects too:)

    • Therese says:

      Be careful what you wish for, we may be able to make your dreams come true! 🙂 We have a big task of lowering a roof on the pump room to turn it into a root cellar that we are gonna need help with, soooo you know if you are feeling extra strong in the next several weeks and want to grab the husband and come and help, we certainly won’t complain!

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