I wanted to share a little glimpse into the chicken yard so those of you who are purchasing eggs from us can see how the flock lives and how they get to free-range. Plus you can see all the cute baby chicks wondering around!

I made a short video to show the “chicken yard” or some of the chicken ranging area. I can’t say it’s the best in the world, but it does give you a nice glimpse of their world. A tripod would have been helpful! If you have a few minutes, sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and kick up your feet and see where the flock you supports lives.

A small glimpse at our free ranging area for the fowl. from Artistta Homestead on Vimeo.


Below are some photo I took of the flock. Click on the first one and then you can go through them all and see the full image.

Hope you enjoyed learning more about the flock!



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  • Paula Hokkanen says:

    We are interested in purchasing Pekin hens for eggs. Do you have any available for purchase? We live in Isanti and want to add them to our flock, we have both chickens and ducks. Please let me know when you get the chance thank you! Paula

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