Our Bread

Our breads are inspired from a time gone by. An era when friends and family would gather around the oven awaiting fresh baked bread as a centerpiece of the meal, not an afterthought. The aroma filling the homestead home. Laughter filling the kitchen. Children running and playing freely. The garden abundance filling the farm table and cellar after months of hard work brought it there.

Our bread has a tight crumb to satisfy the hungriest bellies. It is best enjoyed with aged cheeses, cured meats, heart warming soups, fresh made jams or simply toasted warm with a thick slather of butter.

Why Ancient Grains?

Ancient grains, such as einkorn, emmer, khorasan, and spelt, have been grown organically for thousands of years all over the world, standing the test of time.While each offer unique benefits, all of them are superior to modern wheat with more essential micronutrients, less starch, lower gluten content, and higher protein levels.

Many who suffer with gluten allergies / intolerances are surprised to find they are able to eat the ancient wheats without issue, especially when combined with sourdough fermentation. This fermentation, which gives our bread it’s wonderful flavor, also breaks down phytic acid, starches and gluten, making the micro nutrients more available for the body to use.

Why we bake

On a whim in 2012 we began selling a handful of loaves of bread to a small group of whole-food, real-food locals. As time went by we began to hear wonderful testimonies of people eating bread again for the first time in years. They felt satisfied and well. Children were loving the bread as well, even with it’s heartier texture. These testimonies continue to encourage us.

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