I eat an egg sandwich almost every morning for breakfast. The number of eggs is dependent on the decibel level of my stomach rumblings, but the foundation of each sandwich is bread (usually homemade sourdough), egg, cheese, mayo and a little kick of sriracha. From that I might add different meats, veggies, herbs, sprouts, sauerkraut, capers, etc… whatever is available from leftovers or fresh from the garden.
Today was more of the same, yet quite different and remarkably memorable.

This morning I crafted a top-5 egg sandwich. The combination of ingredients was quite unusual, but together was a homerun of flavor highlighted by great contrasts and compliments.

Here’s my crazy concoction

I built three breakfast sliders on Kamut drop biscuits left over from dinner the night before. Kamut is an ancient grain known as Khorasan wheat, and prized for it’s nutty flavor.
I sliced the biscuits in half and stacked a fried egg with cheddar melted on top, a thin slice of braunschweiger, then a nice fork-full of organic sauerkraut from Angelica’s Garden, and a little mayo and sriracha to finish it off. Not the combination you were expecting? Well, you’ll just have to trust me that the whole was definitely greater than the sum of it’s parts… even if those parts are quite delicious on their own. The sauerkraut adds a bright, clean, contrasting flavor to both the cheesy egg + braunschweiger, and holds its own against the sriracha. The nutty biscuits were the perfect base of flavor and texture.

I plan on making this same sandwich tomorrow with the last of the biscuits, and I am very much looking forward to it. Share how you start your day in the comments below!