Upcoming Class

Introduction to Sourdough Baking with Ancient Wheat Grains

Sourdough Class time! Come join me (Therese) in Lauderdale, MN (between St. Paul & Minneapolis). I’ll be sharing with you helpful information to get you started creating artisan style breads in your home using only the ancient grains einkorn, emmer, Kamut®, and spelt.

We’ll cover many topics to help you become familiar with the wide world of sourdough bread baking.

 Class learning & participation

  • Learn why ancient grains are different to use than modern wheat in bread baking
  • Create your own sourdough dough to take home and bake the next day
  • Bread baking terminology
  • How to create, maintain and trouble shoot a sourdough culture
  • The difference between no-knead, stretch and fold and kneaded bread recipes
  • Learn how to make a no-knead bread of your own
  • Learn to knead whole wheat Kamut® dough and have it pass the windowpane test
  • Taste testing of the different grains in fresh baked breads that I’ll bring
  • What are my favorite tools for bread baking and see examples of tools for the home kitchen
  • And much more

We will make at least 1 bread dough together as a class, for each of you to take home and bake the next day after it has fermented. If times allows, we’ll also create pizza dough for you to also take home and use.

Finally, you’ll receive a sourdough culture to get you started on your sourdough bread baking journey.

Register For This Class

Date: Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Time: 1 – 4 PM

Cost: $50

Location: At our home near Chisago City, MN