W e are seeking methods to create the most nutrient dense eggs we can from healthy and happy hens. Our mixed heritage breed flock is free-range through open grass and wooded areas when snow isn’t covering the ground. Through the winter they are kept in a large coop with a covered chicken run filled with a deep bedding for scratching through. They are free to go out in the snow if it’s their desire where they can warm themselves in the sun.

Our chickens are

  • Free-range through open grasses and woods
  • Fed our own custom feed made of transitional organic whole grains, seeds and legumes
  • Soy free
  • Never given antibiotic or medicated feed
  • Used for composting organic foods and given plenty of healthy treats

Heritage Breed Chickens

Our goal is to raise chickens that have the natural instinct still intact to forage. As breeding goals over the years have focused on good egg layers and meat chickens, most commercially available breeds have had the instinct to forage bred out of them.

We believe a chicken is best suited to know how to feed itself. We only want to continue to encourage that trait.

We also want to see our hens raising their own chicks, instead of us raising them in incubators and under heat lamps. The mother knows perfectly how to feed her young and the chicks can do far better when mother hen is watching out for them, teaching them how to forage and is able to select the best food for their growing bodies. It’s pretty amazing to see how selective a mother hen can be when she chooses the food to give her chicks. She picks up each bit of food she wants to feed to her chicks with her beak and drops it in front of them and then makes her special momma hen noise to let them know that the morsel is good to eat.


Eggs From Our Flock

Because we do raise heritage breed chickens, our egg production changes through the season. Many of our hens will go broody on us and want to sit on a nest and hatch their eggs in late spring and early summer. When this happens they will stop laying eggs. While frustrating for those enjoying the delicious eggs, this is a part of the natural cycle of life and without it there are no new babies to raise for meat and eggs the following year.

During the winter months we do not add artificial light to encourage egg production, instead we let the hens dictate when they will lay and when they will not. We simply do our best to provide them with the most nutritious food we can with a good shelter, so they stay happy and healthy all winter long.