Spring has sprung and the snow is almost fully melted away.

A heavy weight (or perhaps that’s just the lessoning of the number of layers required to head outside) seems to be lifting from the shoulders. We made it through an extremely cold, hard winter and just about all of our animals made it too. We did lose one young cockeral who we took to the chopping block after one of his legs became frozen. We endured –10° to –20° temps for a good portion of winter and it made things difficult, very difficult and expensive. It takes a lot of food and straw to keep the animals warm, clean and healthy in such extreme cold, but it seems to be over and now the spring-cleaning can begin.

The snow has only just melted in the last couple of days and we can now see the MANY projects that weren’t completed in the fall along with the many more things that have been left in the yard through the winter as they became frozen in the ever-growing mounds of snow. It’s been a season of many lessons learned once again and we will spend a good portion of our summer prepping for next winter, just in case we see such extremes again.